Hiking in & Around Louisbourg

Beaches & Outdoor Adventure



Our generous coastline lends itself to some of the best hiking trails in the region. Well traveled trails and sparsely walked, hidden paths compose a trail network that will leave you wanting more!

Ask your accommodation host or Louisbourg Visitor information Centre staff where the best trails are located. Pack a picnic and your most comfortable shoes, and don’t forget your camera to capture incredible panoramic views.

These trails are some
of the most memorable:

Gooseberry Cove


Lighthouse Point Hiking Trail

Hiking paths lead to the Lighthouse and remote coastal vistas.
The area is superb for biking, picnicking, swimming in summer
and cross-country skiing in winter.

Simons Point

For the adventurous hiker, try Simon’s Point Walking Trail
in the National Historic Park which leads to the coast.

Wild Cove Beach-hiking

For a frolicking good time, Louisbourg and Area offers up kayaking, surfing, swimming and sailing. We have lots to work with in terms of setting the scene for outdoor adventure – from our big waves and sandy beaches to heavily wooded parks nestled beside a world-famous river. Here is just a sample of our outdoor playgrounds:


Wrecks of French man-of-war from the siege of 1758 lie at the bottom of the sea, off the coast of Louisbourg. Louisbourg Harbour is a protected area but you may dive with a guide.



Catch Mackerel right off the Government Wharf. (No License is needed) Streams, brooks and lakes are everywhere. You’ll find speckled trout in accessible waters. Relax by one of three brooks – Kennington Cove, Landing Cove or Gerratt. Or hike the Old French Road Walking Trail to enjoy angling at one of our remote lakes.

Kennington Cove Beach
The beach at nearby Kennington Cove is one of Cape Breton's hidden treasures
 it offers one of the best sandy beaches on Cape Breton Island. At this historic location New Englanders came ashore in 1745 and the English in 1758, beginning sieges that lead to the fall of Louisbourg. Today, there is only sand, sun and sea.

Main-A-Dieu Beach and Boardwalk

Mira Gut Ocean Beach and Boardwalk

Nestled beside the Atlantic, Mira Gut Beach is one of the Island’s most popular beaches. When the tide is out, you can walk out on the sand bar for what seems like forever. The “Gut” is known for excellent swimming and sun-bathing. Watch for strong tide currents (areas are clearly marked).

Mira Provincial Park

This lovely wooded park is located next to the world famous Mira River. Visitors enjoy walking trails, nicely treed camp sites and river swimming.

Picnic Areas

Where else can you picnic near the site of the oldest lighthouse in Canada or at landing areas of siege forces? As you leisure on your picnic, watch for harbour seals, pothead whales and fishing boats. Picnic areas are offered at Marconi picnic area (with outside cooking shelters), Kennington Cove and on the reconstructed site in the King’s Garden (inside the Fortress walls).

Two Rivers Wildlife Park

Located at the junction of the Mira and Salmon Rivers near Marion Bridge, Two Rivers Wildlife Park is home to animals and birds native to Nova Scotia, including Sable Island horses, moose, eagles, pine marten, black bear, lynx and bobcat. The Park also offers a petting zoo, horse drawn wagon rides, u-fish ponds, river swimming, a playground, interpretive trails, and picnic facilities. Winter activities include: cross country skiing (rentals available), sleigh rides and outdoor skating. Two Rivers Wildlife Park is open year round 7 days a week.




    Louisbourg Lighthouse Point

Our incredible landscape, history, culture and spirited hospitality mean that whatever activity you choose, you are guaranteed a great time! The Louisbourg Playhouse offers a fantastic line-up of Cape Breton talent throughout the summer and fall months View treasure from famous shipwrecks at the Louisbourg Marine Museum.

Baleine-Irish immigrants and Beryl Markham commemorative plaques

Boardwalk (Guy Hiltz Public Wharf)

Located on Louisburg's waterfront, the boardwalk is a pleasant place to spend an evening. There is a wharf where visiting sailing vessels dock and it is just a few minutes walk from the large government wharf where fishing boats, cruise ships and coast guard vessels dock. The 70-foot-high signal mast welcomes visitors from around the world to our harbour.

Coastal Discovery Centre Main-à-Dieu

Facility includes a Fishermen’s Museum, The Big Wave Café and oceanfront Tide Room, CAP site with high-speed Internet access, community library and Credit Union.


The Louisbourg Lighthouse is located at the entrance of the harbour. It is perched on a volcanically formed outcrop of rock. Nearby are the ruins of the 18th century French lighthouse and a 19th century lighthouse. From this vantage point, view the rugged coastline and Fortress of Louisbourg.

Louisbourg Marine Museum

Opening in 2003 through the generosity of a local businessman, are displays featuring recovered artifacts from 18th-century sunken ships. Model ships. Many artifacts (c. 1650 -1950) pertaining to the local history of the North Atlantic fisheries on the Grand Banks, including a dory, with complete fishing gear. Display on swordfishing. Lenses from the Louisbourg Lighthouse. An aquarium (a 300-gallon tank) with various saltwater marine species. The present collection essentially stems from that of Alex Storm, the famous diver and adventurer who discovered Le Chameau and other sunken treasures. Many of these artifacts were originally shown at his Atlantic Statiquarium Marine Museum (1960s - late 1980s) in Louisbourg. Today it has grown to include displays on 19th. century local businesses and a wonderful statue and display on Beryl Markham (1936), due in part to the generosity of the Ladies of  ISA+21

Louisbourg Playhouse

The best of Cape Breton talent performs here each night (in season). Enjoy an evening of Celtic song and dance with complimentary oatcakes and tea during intermission. An on-site gift shop offers a wide range of music and keepsakes.


S&L Railway Museum and Tourism Information


The Sydney & Louisbourg Railway Museum consists of an 1895 station and freight shed, both designated Provincial Heritage Properties. Artifacts and exhibits tell the story of the S&L Railway. The freight shed houses a model of the S&L Line as it existed in the 1940/60 period. Nearby, a modern “round-house” houses a quilt exhibit, a Marconi wireless exhibit and evenings of local entertainment.

The Royal Battery Fortress of Louisbourg